Posted by Lucas Eggers on Aug 22nd 2018

I have been using Venom Defense Comps for about 3 years now. I have a few thousand round through them and have definitely abused them. I am still impressed at how flat they shoot, especially for the price! The Venom Defense Comps start out with an MSRP of only $65, which is far lower than other muzzle devices that I've used and can compare to. There are even several material and finish options available, including titanium.

The main goal of the Venom Defense Comp is to mitigate muzzle climb and felt recoil. As you can see in the video, there is almost no rise or movement in the muzzle. Even with a mag dump, I can keep my follow up shots accurate, and we all know Mag Dumps are important! This is achieved by it's design of three blast chambers combined with ports on the top. These ports help disperse gas out of the top to help keep your muzzle down as it wants to climb. This allows for quicker follow up shots. The three blast chambers help break up the energy and pushes most of it to the sides. This greatly helps with recoil. Recoil management and mitigating muzzle climb help increase the opportunity for a accurate follow up shot.

Another benefit to the Venom Defense Comp is its weight. At only 1.3 oz for the titanium model in 5.56, you can shed some unneeded weight on the front of your AR. If a light weight build is something you are in the middle of, one struggle you might find is recoil management. When you lighten up your rifle, there is less weight to help with the energy of the shot. Think of a small frame handgun you have used. They tend to be snappy. Snappy guns are no fun to shoot, especially all day at the range. One way to help is to upgrade the muzzle device, buffer systems, and a few other things that tend to add up in cost real fast. I've found that with this comp, I can keep my weight down on my front end, greatly decrease felt recoil, and not give up any performance, all while not breaking the bank. But, I'm always upgrading stuff for marketing purposes so either way, my wife isn't happy haha.

Now for the con. There is a lot of side concussion! I mean a lot. But that isn't unique to the Venom Defense Comp. I have used plenty of muzzle devices and pretty much all of them that were effective had a lot of side concussion. I necessarily wouldn't recommend this on your home defense rifle as you might blow out your ear drum in such close quarters. Also, if you are shooting close to some people at the range, maybe worn them ahead of time. You tend to upset people directly next to you if they aren't prepared. When we were testing out my first comp, we held up a range rag next to the blast chambers and it blew the rag out of my buddy's hands. Not saying it is dangerous at all, but it definitely directs most of the energy to the sides. But that's the give and take of recoil management. It you are worried about too much side blast, maybe look into a linear comp or something that has a removable shield like the Fortis Manufacturing Muzzle Brake with Control Shield.

Overall, I am impressed with this comp and if I could only choose one, this would be it. For the price, the weight, and the performance, it is hard to beat. Plus, it keeps my Mag Dumps under control, again that's important! Soon, I will be doing some more tests with it and will keep you updated. I am going to be doing more competitions with it at my local range and even have access to a few full autos. That will be fun!

Follow the link below to purchase and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.┬žion=product

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