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Hexmag Grip Tape provides the ultimate grip for your Hexmag magazines and the Hexmag Advanced Tactical Grip. Customize your gripping power where you need it!

  • One sheet (46 hex shapes) is enough to cover both sides of one Hexmag magazine if you fill every hex shape of the magazine. Or 50% of two Hexmag magazines.
  • Hexmag Grip Tape is water proof and provides additional gripping power in any environment wet or dry. 
  • The Grip Tape is die-cut and self adhesive to fit into and fill the hex-shaped cavity on the Hexmag magazine and Advanced Tactical Grip. 
  • Simply clean the surface of your Hexmag magazine or Advanced Tactical Grip to remove all oils and dirt, apply Grip Tape and press firmly. Some light heat may be applied to set the Grip Tape in the step of the magazine. 
  • Scan the QR code on the back of the Grip Tape packaging for more information and Grip Tape design ideas. 
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