Dec 29th 2022

Flat Rate Shipping is $5.00 for orders UNDER 1 lb (staying the same) and $9.99 for orders OVER 1 lb.

In January 2023, both FedEx and USPS are increasing shipping prices yet again. Because of this, we unfortunately have to increase our pricing for orders that weigh over a pound.

Since we started this company in 2016, we haven't increased our flat rate shipping prices. There have been numerous increases for us on our end, but we haven't passed that on to you and we have taken the hit on our end. Unfortunately, we are spending about twice on shipping than we charge, all in an effort to keep your purchases more affordable. Fedex and USPS are once again increasing our cost for shipping and it is forcing us to increase our rates. The new pricing should be more, but we will continue to eat that cost difference. The only price increasing is for orders over a pound. Current shipping price before the change is $8.50.

New 2023 Flat Rate Shipping Prices:

$5.00 for orders UNDER 1 lb (staying the same)

$9.99 for orders OVER 1 lb

Thank you for being loyal customers and spreading the word about our site. We greatly appreciate all of you!!

Lucas and Naomi Eggers - Patriot Defense Gear