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The Micro 762 Single Mag Insert comes standard with Haley Strategic's proprietary MP2 insert allowing secure retention of nearly all 762 magazines (including MCX-SPEAR/XM7 and many 762x39 magazines) without the need for bungee cords, buckles, or hook and loop flaps. The MP2’s positive click-in retention provides audible and tactile feedback and delivers a smooth draw without impacting the ability to quickly reindex partial magazines during tactical reload. The Single Mag Insert MP2 is also removable, allowing the operator to place radios, laser range finders, or medical kits within the enclosed space.

Note: Micro Inserts are designed for direct integration with the Disruptive Environments™ Micro Chest Rig (D3CRM). The Micro Chest Rig VELCRO® Brand loop lined placard pouch accommodates the following Micro Insert configurations: (3 qty maximum) 556 magazines, (2 qty maximum) 762 magazines, (4 qty maximum) sub machine gun/pistol carbine magazines.

Haley Strategic Partners is veteran owned and operated. This product is made in the USA from USA materials (Berry Compliant).

Item Comes With:

  • (1) Micro 762 Single Mag Insert
  • (1) MP2 Insert
Manufacturer Part Number:

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